Building Overview


Shinagawa East One Tower


2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Main purpose

Office, retail space, hotel


Steel frame structure + steel-reinforced concrete structure


Three basement floors and 32 aboveground floors

Site space

8,277.83m² (2,504.04 tsubo)

Total floor space

118,420.62m² (358,222.23 tsubo)

Number of stores

Restaurants: 9, Retail: 5, Clinics & services: 8


Flat parking: 145 car spaces, Machine-operated parking: 193 car spaces
total: 274 car spaces


For offices: 24 people capacity x 20 elevators
For the hotel: 17 people capacity x 6 elevators,for freight: 1 Elevator
For emergencies: 3 elevators; for the stores on lower floors: 2 elevators

Power supply

Spot network type power receiving method

Heat supply

Regional cooler/heater


Central monitoring/control at the disaster prevention center (central monitoring room) on the first floor

Fire prevention

Legally designated fire prevention equipment is installed, including installation of sprinklers

Smoke ventilation

Vestibule pressurization smoke control method

Earthquake resistance

Equipped with energy absorption style seismic motion mitigation device

Backup power

Equipped with gas turbine power generation device


March 31, 2003


Nihon Sekkei, Inc.


Takenaka Corporation


Daito Kentaku Leasing Co., Ltd.

Office specifications/Facility overview

Space of rental room on standard floors

About 2,530m² (about 760 tsubo)

Ceiling height

Office: 2,700mm Corridor: 2,500mm

Floor load

500 kg/m², within 1,000 kg/m² for all offices in the core


Heat reflection glass, and air-flow window system for fifth floor and above

Electric capacity

Standard setting: 50 VA/m² addition is possible

OA floor

H = 150mm free-access floor

Communication equipment

Terminal for optical fiber is already installed

Backup power

Equipped with gas turbine power generation system for tenants

System ceiling

Basic module: 3,200mm× 3,200mm Lighting: Average illumination 700 lx , two lighting fixtures are installed inside the module
Ambient light detector automatically adjust light intensity of the lights on the window side

Shared TV

VHF, UHF , BS , CS, and CATV in other areas are available, digital terrestrial broadcasting, digital terrestrial broadcasting

Air conditioning

Divided control of four systems in the interior section and four systems in perimeter section
Air conditioning control is available through installing VAV in individual spans in the interior section

Room entrance/exit

Room entrance/exit management with non-contact IC card system


Passive sensor installed
Automatic shutdown of lights and air conditioning through confirmation of final exit
Elevator movement is stopped when it is confirmed that everyone on the floor left


One restroom/lavatory each for men and women , equipped with warm water Washlet, jet towels are installed
Two small kitchens on each floor, and one teeth brushing corner on each floor

Floor plan for an office floor

The size of one office floors is 760 tsubo, which is one of the largest in Tokyo. The floors can be easily divided with the center-core method. Great panoramic views of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Haneda Airport, and Goten Mountain expand from the office windows. The workspace is comfortable and allows freedom for workers, with the free access floor of 150 mm in height and the ceiling height of 2.7 m or higher. The building structure has the cutting edge earthquake resistant feature that is more advanced than the new earthquake resistant standard.